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Criminal Case game is a very difficult game to play. There are several in-app purchases where users can buy game resources like Energy and Coins to make the game easy and achievable. There are also many ways through which one can get the same resources for free using some cheats. These cheats are very impressive and can get a player high number of free energy. The Criminal Case Cheats Available on this website are basically a set of ways though which one can get Free Energy and Coins.

Get Criminal Case Energy and Coins


Criminal Case


Criminal Case (CC) is one of the most popular games available in the world which features a scene where the gamer is a police officer of Grimsborough with detective skills, who has to solve cases related to crime using evidence and logical tools in the game interference. With over 100 Criminal Scenes available criminal case remains one of the most played gaming app on Facebook and was awarded 1st position in 2016 as the most played game on FB with over Hundred Million Players and Ten Million Active daily players over two-hundred countries. Rated 4.5/5 Stars it is also available on Smartphones like Android and iOS Devices where Internet connectivity is not necessary and an easy synchronization is featured between the devices.

Most of the crimes are related to murders where the police officer has to look upon the clues, murder weapon etc. The Grimsborough is a corrupt city where things don’t work simple and do not co-operate. Police Officers have to interrogate witnesses and suspects and bring the killer to Justice. Playing with friends is one of the best ways to solve hard and mysterious crimes. The game starts with investigating the crime scene where the player has to look for clues and weapons,¬†Criminal Case Gameplay If any weapon is found then it is sent for forensic to determine any further clue or if luck the criminal. If any suspects and witnesses are found then they are interrogated, in whole process the police officer has to look at various things among the suspects and witnesses like their facial expression to solve the case. After examining the evidence and suspects the player is presented all the suspects in the end and asked for the killer based on criteria and profile of each suspect. If the player chooses the correct suspect i.e. killer he is rewarded with stars which can later be used as a currency which is mostly used in examining. After the killer is arrested the case is closed and marked solved and the police officer which is the player is moved onto the next case. If a case is finished with less time consumed then the player is rewarded more stars. The time limit is measured by the energy bar and the currency is measured by the coins. The first case is of the case of Rosa Wolf’s Murder.

With time many new seasons are made till date there are 4 seasons with Season 2 starting at Pacific Bay. Rose Zhao is the weapon expert which helps the player in the field of forensics. The game’s Cases are also very interesting which makes the players more digged into. The cases are very similar to reality TVs shows. The stories of each case is very engaging with good graphics and color scene. Though the advancement of the game is very slow in the beginning and fast when hard cases come in. There is also noted that the hard cases make pressure in the game to buy in app purchases where criminal case cheats come in handy. This game is one of the best game for hidden object lovers who want to utilize their brain ta maximum level and can compare with heir friends their cleverness, as there are different types of puzzles thrown in the game. The Grimsborough city in season one is mostly adapted from the modern day New York City.




Energy is one of the most important resource in the game. The Energy bar determines the amount of energy the player has to perform the tasks in the case. Through the energy bar automatically fills up the bar won’t fill up if the bar reaches a 110 Energy Limit. It takes about three minutes for the bar to fill up 1 energy unit. In the mobile version of the game it takes two minutes. Energy is also used to achieve certain trophies. After level up the player automatically gets 110 Energy Units once again for the next case, Energy level determines how many stars will the player get. At least, 5 energy units is needed at the end of the case to get 5 stars. Energy can be also achieved using the daily bonus. In the daily bonus player get a certain amount of orange juice one bottle of orange juice is equal to twenty units of energy.criminal case cheats energyEnergy can also be purchased from the app store in between a crime investigation. Another way to get 2 Energy Units is with the help of friends, they can send a maximum of two energy units from their energy bar. The mini-game of the forensic can also give players a energy bonus in the form of potato or orange juice. Some suspects can also reward the player with energy by the means of burger if they do their investigation nicely and smoothly. Police pets like dogs can also find energy bars or units at the end of the investigation. Please also take note that energy bar isn’t shared commonly between player’s different devices. Video advertisements also give a large amount of energy units.

Another way to get unlimited energy is by using our online application to get the energy bar completely refilled whenever you want. Once your email address is confirmed and passed the human test you don’t need to get human verification again and again. Human test is done to make sure the application is not used too much to get the attention on Internet. The Application allows you to get free energy and coins without the need of jailbreak or any root. You just have to put your email address in it and select the platform you are using and just start the application which will add these resources until the bar is completely full.




Coins are the cash or currency in the game located at the top-right of the gameplay screen. It is used buy boosters which is used in helping investigate crime scenes. Items from the avatar shop can also be brought with coins. With help of coins certain tasks can also be completed and trophies are rewarded. Many Police pets like dogs excluding Premium Pets can also be purchased with it.

Players earn coins when the finish investigation a crime scene. Police pets also can find coins if lucky. Daily Bonus also give good amounts of coins like Day one gives one-thousand coins and a continues day five gives five-thousand coins. Three Thousands of coins can be claimed using friend’s timeline total 3 times a day. Certain Parts of a case also awards coins once completed, if any case has additional investigation in it then the player is awarded with coins. Coins can also be earned through video advertisements. With the help of out application you can get coins of 1,000 Pack each time you enter here to add. So make sure you bookmark this website.

Get Criminal Case Energy and Coins