Season 1 – Grimsborough

Grimsborough Map

The Season Grimsborough of Criminal Case was the first season of the game, The name of the season was taken from the city’s name which was used in the gameplay. This season featured a total of fifty-six crime scenes. The first crime scene is named as the “The Death of Rosa Wolf” where the player as a police officers had to solve the mysterious death of Rosa Wolf who was murdered using knife and her body was lying around the street.

Grimsborough is a metropolitan city with a total of six districts namely Industrial Area, Financial Center, Historical Center, University, Maple Heights and Airport. All the fifty-six episode is set in this city located in United States Of America. The Grimsborough Police Department (GBPD) is the Police law enforcement agency which is responsible for restoring law in the city, the player’s character police officer works in this Police Department. Grimsborough was founded by William Cooper in 1845, He was one of the first to settle down with his pet dog, Ellington. His copper statue is located in the Financial Center. The city is mainly inspired by the USA’s northern cities of New York City and Philadelphia.

GrimsboroughIndustrial Area is the first district in the city where the game starts with “The death of Rose Wolf” Crime Scene. It is a work oriented place occupied with gangs like The Vipers and The Skulls. There are eleven case investigated here in the season namely, The Death of Rosa Wolf; Corpse in a Garden; The Grim Butcher; The Dockyard Killer; A Russian Case; Good Cop Dead Cop; Death by Crucifixion; Beautiful No More; Burned to the Bone; Under the Knife; Into the Vipers’ Nest. Financial Center is the second district in the city where the game starts with “Blood on the Trading Floor” Crime Scene. It is a business oriented place with people living their are business people filled with greed, the place is adapted from real-world places like Wall Street and Central Park. A total of ten case were investigated here namely, Blood on the Trading Floor; Bomb Alert on Grimsborough; Fashion Victim; Family Blood; The Kiss of Death; The Last Supper; In the Dead of Night; Innocence Lost; A Deadly Game; The Secret Experiments.

Historical Center is the third district in the city where the game starts with “To Die or Not to Die” Crime Scene. It was Founded by Baron Salvadore and features a beautiful lake and forest. A total of ten cases were investigated here namely, The Final Journey; Anatomy of a Murder; The Ghost of Grimsborough; The Summoning; The Lake’s Bride; The Haunting of Elm Manor; No Smoke Without Fire; The Wollcrafts’ Creature; Dog Eat Dog. University is the forth district in the city where the game starts with “Murder on Campus” Crime Scene. As the name of the district hints it is a university where schooling is done. The University has a football field and several schooling fronts like it’s two preceding districts it also has a ten crime scene namely, Murder on Campus;Killing Me Softly; Dead Man Running; At the End of the Rope; The Devil’s Playground; The Reaper and the Geek; Spring Break Massacre; Marked for Death; An Elementary Murder; The Rorschach Reaper.

Maple Heights is the fifty district in the city where the game starts with “Troubled Waters” Crime Scene. This district is the most wealthy district with self-centered people, the district focus on the Mayoral Elections. It has ten Crime Scenes namely, Blood and Glory; Troubled Waters; The Scent of Death; A Shot of Beauty; Drive, Swing, Die; One Wedding and a Funeral; Good Girls Don’t Die; Good Girls Don’t Die; Snakes on the Stage; It All Ends Here. Airport  is the sixth and final district of Grimsborough starting investigation with “A Brave New World” Crime Scene. All the crime scenes here in this district are related to past between 17th and 18th Century. Investigation here is the most toughest with entire season. The district features a total five crime investigation namely, A Brave New World; Burying the Hatchet; The Poisoned Truth; Ashes to Ashes; There Will Be Blood.