Season 2 – Pacific Bay

Pacific Bay Map

Pacific Bay is the city featured in Season-Two of Criminal Case Video Game located in United States. It is a large metropolis city adapted from the real modern day city Los Angeles. The city is like Hollywood and gas a great deal of Film based Industries from different cultures. Like GBPD, PBPD(Pacific Bay Police Department) is the law enforcement agency here it serves to protect the city from crime. The players plays the role of a Police Officer who has to investigate several crime scenes here and solve the cases.

CC Pacific BayPacific Bay has ten districts in total and has fifty-six case investigation belong to this city. It was founded by Albert Tesla. The Chief of Police is Andrea Marquez. Ocean Shore District is the first district investigated in the pacific bay city starting with “Shark Attack!” Crime Investigation. The district is mostly viewed as a urban place with a beach style theme planned in the district. It has many raving and law breaking people who mostly do participate in illicit activities. A total of five crime scenes are investigated here namely, Shark Attack!; Death on Wheels; What Dies Beneath; Dead Girl Rolling; The Ice Queen. Bayou Bleu is the second district in the city. It is themed as country side area with grasslands, swamps and other country-themed looks. The district has some people who practice voodoo and believe in magical things, there is also a voodoo priestess who revolves around the whole storyline based in the crime investigations there. A Total o0f five crime scenes are based in this district namely, Bayou Blood ;Easy Prey; The Root of All Evil; Death by Moonshine; Smoke and Mirrors. Inner City is the third district in the city. The is always something going around the area like festivals or any celebration. It is a colorful and lively place. The city has a violent community feud. A total of seven cases are investigated here namely, Heartless; Payback; Eastern Promises; Spineless; Murder-Go-Round; Killing Time; Under the Skin.

Jazz Town is the fourth district in this city. It is based on the real-world New Orleans City. It features scenes from the people recovering from the destruction brought by the Hurricane Yves and are preparing for future Hurricanes. The Police offer gets theories about the man-made Hurricanes and a serial killer name as The Puppeteer. The District is waiting for the annual functions like the carnival and Yann’s tragic past. A total of seven Crime Scenes are investigated here namely After the Storm; Cloudy with a Chance of Murder; Open Wounds; Under the Thunderdome; Of Rats and Men; The Eye of the Storm; Hanging by a Thread. White Peaks is the fifty district in the city, based on the real-world city; Aspen. It features the city covered in snowy mountains as well as ski ramps and ice rinks. The area mainly focuses on a woman named amy and her past. It also has a case related to a Night Walker who comes from the forest area and kidnap people away from the area. A total of sex cases are investigated in this district namely, Leap of Death; Hearts of Ice; Into the Woods; The Hunger Planes; The White Peaks Project; The End of the Night. Ivywood Hills is the sixth district in the city which is based on the real-world city of  Hollywood Hills. As the name tells it is a hillside area notable for it’s views, costly homes and celebrity residents. The District introduces an cult which promises eternal life and endless fame for money. It also shows some cases related to the Imminent Ivywood Film Awards. A total of eight criminal cases are solved in this district namely, The Young and the Lifeless; Once Upon a Crime; Wild Wild Death; Murdertown; Star Crime; Deadly Legacy; The Ship of Dreams; Dead Carpet.

Rhine Canyon is the seventh district in the city and is based on Real-World place the Grand Canyon. As the grand canyon it is a desert town in west of the city and is commonly called ” The Wild Wild West” The people in the district have said to sighted UFOs and claim that the government have hidden alien life. The District involves with seven criminal cases investigation namely, Road to Nowhere; Temple of Doom; The Seeds of Death; Crystal Death; Dead Space; The Ties That Bind; No Place Like Home. Innovation Valley is the eight district in the city based on the real-world Silicon Valley. Like the real-world city it is a technological place. The place focuses on the processing technology advanced by the high-tech companies and the interaction between robots and humans. The district is involved with five criminal investigations namely, Smart Money; Uncivil Rights; Blood in the Blender; Immortal Sin; Programmed to Kill. The Wastes Paradise City is the ninth district of the city and is based on the real-world desert city Las Vegas. Like the Las Vegas it comprises casinos, brothels and hotels. The case involve here features organized thieves planning at the most highly respected casino of pacific bay where a cop is also involved in this thieve gang. A total of six investigation take place in this district namely, Killer Takes All; Death at the Circus; Death by Martini; Blood Diamond; No Honor Among Thieves; A Killer Among Us. The wastes is the tenth and final district of the pacific bay which is known for it’s sandstorms and high level of radiation from the past nuclear experiments carried out there. It features the continued pursuing of fugitives from the final case of the ninth district, The Paradise City. It also has a scene where a mad scientist from achieving a bad goal. The district involves three cases namely, Into the Wastes; The Sting of Death; The Final Countdown.