Season 3 – World Edition

World Edition Main

The World edition is the title given for the Season 3 it is also known as Save The World. This Season takes the whole world to investigate the crimes various Police Departments from around the world get involved to solve the investigation called the Bureau. It features a animated world map divided into nine regions much similar to previous seasons’ cities. The Season is most made up to reward it’s players with a world tour.

World Editions Map

There are nine regions in the whole season with a total of fifty-six cases. Europe is the first region who focuses on stopping a terrorist organization ‘Promethian Cult’ from reaching their mission which is to unify all the European states into one United States of Europe under their control. A total number of six cases fall into this region namely, God Save the Prince; Off With Their Heads; Auf Wieder-Slain; Murder’s Cheap; When Shadows Fall; The Impossible Dream. Sahara Region is the second region in the season which focuses on tracking assassin Omar Bahir who killed Chief Ripley and helping rebels unite against local leaders and foreigners. It also follows the relation between Jonah and The Bureau. A total number of six cases where performed in this region namely, Murder by Proxy; Death in the Desert; Killing Spring; I Spy a Mummy; The Parting Shot; Die by the Sword. Eurasia is the third region in the season in which the bureau helps the COSMORUS – The Russian space agency who controls a large part of world’s satellite by stopping a spy using a security breach which may compromise the global communications. A total of six cases follow here namely, Moscow Mole; Only Truth Remains; O Deadly Night; Fast Track to Murder; Horseback Mountain; Countdown to Murder. CC World Tour South Asia

South Asia is the fourth region in the season which starts with an rescuing an earthquake caused there which damages the Taj Mahal the Bureau helps the victims from the major earthquake and its after-shocks which causes a mass havoc in the region. After some cases it focuses on the Guru Erza Hope a clever and mysterious guru, his followers and his connection to a pharmaceutical company. A total of six cases follows in this region namely, Bad Medicine; Treacherous Waters; Plagued by Death; Bloodywood; Peace and Dead Quiet; Insides Out. East Asia is the fifth region in this season where the bureau is focused on finding the Ronin Izawa, a SOMBRA contact of a criminal named Warre Goodfellow and stop SOMBRA from brainwashing orphaned teenagers and children to find potential recruits for its future aims. A total of six cases revolve here like the predecessors namely, The Killer in the Rice; Dead in the Water; A Twist of Fate; Oh! Crazy Kill!; A Death Wish; The Murder Games. Oceania is the sixth region in the season world tour where the officers investigate SOMBRA’s past years experiments which includes genetics enhancement of recruits, who are used for assassination purpose. It also features Michelle Zuria a source that has a lot of information about SOMBRA’s Plans.

Africa is the seventh region in this season where the police officers investigate the smuggling operation operated by SOMBRA, The main smuggling products are diamonds from the largest company Lavinia De Brills. It also revolves with identifying and aiding a police officer who is a SOMBRA mole which is Angela Douglas. The region involves investigation in six cases namely, Crash and Burn; The Circle of Death; Kicking the Bucket; Diamond in the Rough; Going the Distance; In Plain Sight. South America is the eighth region in the season World Edition in which the agency investigate SOMBRA’s Past Supreme leader, Arsenio Castillo. There are six investigation in this region namely, Ice Rage; Murder, He Wrote; Shadow Nation; Total Eclipse of the Heart; Cheaters Never Win; The King’s Shadow. North America is the ninth region in this season which is also the final region of this season. This region revolves around exposing SOMBRA who is trying to achieve it aim by dividing the world by exploiting international tensions. SOMBRA tries to divide United States and Unified Nations. The Investigation leads to capture or kill SOMBRA’s current leader Hector Montoya. This region has the most of the cases than any other region which is eight namely, Day of the Dead; Up in Smoke; Lifeless in Seattle; Double Trouble; Politically Incorrect; Operation Spyfall; Down to the Wire; The Darkest Hour.